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"Good fabricators aren't cheap.
"Cheap fabricators aren't good." (Hori Smoku)

Solid surface is not a cheap option, what ever the application. Given the exceptional quality of our fabrication and our warranties, the life time costs of solid surface are suprisingly low. We are competitive and we will do our best to give you the upmost for your budget.

So, here are some questions you might want to ask of the fabricators you are considering? If they struggle to answer, your project will suffer.

Price: if it looks too good, it probably is.

Bullet Has the fabricator understood your project?
Bullet Can they explain what they will do to deliver your project down to the smallest
Bullet Are they going to add on charges after you have committed?
Bullet Are they using the material you asked for? For instance... is it really CorianĀ®?
Note: every product can be traced to source.
Bullet Will they ever show up after they have taken your deposit?

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Corian Quality Network

Bullet How do they deal with you - are you a cherished
customer or a number?
Bullet Are they only on the internet? If so, that can invalidate
the manufacturer warranty.
Bullet Can you visit their workshop or showroom?
Bullet Do they keep you informed without being chased?
Bullet Do they follow up to check you are completely satisfied?
Bullet Can you freely check with their other customers?


Bullet Is their lead time realistic? Too quick may mean shortcuts, to slow and they
may be sub contracting your work to, well, anyone.
Bullet Can they explain the main process steps and how long each step will take?
Bullet Can they give you progress reports anytime?
Bullet Do they arrive on time? finish on time?

Talk to us anytime, any question.
We have no fear of competition, we just want happy solid surface customers.
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