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Wharf Solid Surface offers two key solid surface products from Avonite.

The Avonite Foundations range

The Foundations Advanced Acrylic Range gives you a choice of almost fifty solid surface solutions. The Foundations range includes kitchen counters, work surfaces, splashbacks and bathroom vanity units.

Long-lasting, hygienic and versatile, Foundations has become the number one solid surface choice for the world?s most luxurious hotels, resorts, restaurants and kitchens.

Foundations solid surfaces can withstand scuffs, scratches and stains, and are easy to repair and renovate in the unlikely event of damage.

Available in a range of sizes, the Foundations range comes in a standard 12.7mm thickness and is designed to blend perfectly with any surroundings, combining contemporary style with fundamental practicality.
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The Avonite Studio Collection

A unique range of rich polyester-based solid surfaces inspired by glass, concrete, precious metals and other natural elements. Each of the Studio ranges comes in an array of vivid colours, so there's guaranteed to be something to suit your solid surface requirements.

Some decors in the Studio Collection can be teamed with backlighting to create a sophisticated translucent effect.

Our recycled range includes eight styles, and is fully certified by the Scientific Certification Services.

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Avonite most popular colours. Please call us for the full colour range.
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